Royal Caribbean Influencer

Royal Caribbean The Ultimate World Cruise is Introducing Us to a New Type of Influencer

Royal Caribbean’s Ultimate World Cruise offers a unique experience for a new kind of adventurer-influencer. These individuals are not just documenting their travels, they are living them alongside their viewers, while sailing the high seas.


The cruise is more than just a journey; it is a social experiment that brings together different cultures and experiences, all told through the passionate voices of the influencer generation. These digital storytellers are revolutionizing the way we perceive travel by showcasing a world that goes beyond the picture-perfect beaches we often see on curated feeds.


Influencers are catalysts for a new era of travel. They break down barriers and invite viewers to join them on their adventure. Their content showcases dream destinations and embraces a transformative lifestyle. It focuses on learning, growth, and connecting with the world.


Royal Caribbean’s Ultimate World Cruise

Royal Caribbean created the Ultimate World Cruise, a once-in-a-lifetime odyssey spanning 274 nights. It started in December 2023, setting sail from Miami and circumnavigating the globe, visiting all seven continents, over 60 countries, and 11 World Wonders.


Travelers get to choose from the full voyage or one of four immersive segments including South America, Antarctica, Asia, or Europe. They also get to enjoy the luxury of premium airfare, various travel packages on board, attentive service, and more. 


With the content from the travelers, the ship, along with the trip itself becomes a vibrant incubator for creativity. Travelers can share their stories with fellow passengers and their viewers, brainstorm video ideas together, and collaborate on social media campaigns that capture the essence of the journey. 


Brooklyn Schwetje (@brooklynschwetjie)

Brooklyn’s infectious laugh isn’t the only thing contagious on this cruise. Her adventurous spirit has been palpable throughout the content she’s shared about the cruise. Traveling the world with her family, she gives her followers a peek into what it’s like to live on a ship for 9 months with walking tours, the parties on board, and more. 


Dr. Jenny Travels (@drjennytravels)

This globetrotting physician has started sharing informational content aboard the cruise for her viewers and anyone else who’s interested. She also shared videos of the fun entertainment on the cruise ship, her daily routine while traveling, the dining options, and holiday parties on board.


Brandee Lake (@iambrandeelake)

Brandee Lake is one half of the Brannon Files duo of sisters on board who love to travel and is another passenger on the 9-month-long cruise around the world who shares daily videos pulsating with the energy of the cruise, showcasing behind the scenes and the staff on the ship, and how people are celebrating the holidays. 


Shannon Marie (@swankalamode)

Shannon Marie, as previously mentioned, is the sister of Brandee Lake, and is also taking the Ultimate World Cruise, sharing a cabin together, and are joined by their parents on board the ship. This cruise is a chance for her followers to hone their inner adventurer alongside her, while also getting the chance to celebrate her birthday during the trip.