We are a digital agency committed to radical accountability.
Every digital dollar must be able to demonstrate how it grows businesses and creates opportunities.

how we work

Expertise and experience drive and define us. But we aren’t generals fighting the last war. Each client has challenges and opportunities that are unique. And that are universal. That’s why HOW starts with radical simplification. The truth always starts small.

We believe in problem-finding before problem-solving. Then, we deploy the right tools, technology and techniques for rapid-onset results. That’s HOW we change the context, the competitive landscape, and the game for our clients.

All too often, digital marketing is clogged with buzzwords and jargon that are designed to confuse, not enlighten. If something sounds confusing, that’s because the underlying thinking usually is.

A Flight from Bureaucracy

Our team is here for a reason. They have worked in digital marketing long enough – many are pioneers – to know that it’s time for shift in how clients are served ,and agencies are run.

We are building How from the ground up with the right people, practices, and principles. The velocity of change in digital marketing – one day no one is talking about ChatGPT, the next day it is a crossword puzzle clue – demands a team that is technologically vigilant. Capable of separating the signal from the noise, the froth from the facts.

Our clients come to us because they are looking for a tight team that understands the fast-changing world and their fast-changing business.


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