Every great performer, from athletes to musicians to actors, understands the power of a plan. No one got to the top of their game by stepping out on the field or the stage without first deeply understanding their audience and none remain at the top without keeping a close eye on how their performance is progressing as the world around them evolves.


At The HOW Agency, we take this same approach to our campaigns. Our team of strategists and research experts know that campaign performance must start and end with data and insights that both drive our decisions and inform performance and iteration after launch. We look both inward, at brand truths and existing audience behavior, and outward, at the broader cultural conversation, to ensure that our campaigns align with existing business goals as well as connect our clients with macro conversations. 

We are also deeply aware of the immense amount of data available to marketers today and that all data is not relevant data. Our approach first identifies what proof points and quantitative information are available, and then goes two steps further: defining what is relevant and combining this with analysis and curiosity to deliver qualitative insights and a strategic marketing plan that will spark conversation and drive campaign success.

Finally, we establish clear business metrics and KPIs that lay the groundwork for a clear path to scale. While marketing jargon is everyone’s least favorite person at the party, we know that when it comes to KPIs, it needs to have a seat at the table, so we’ll measure success on metrics that include Thumb Stop Ratio, Hold Rate, CTR, CPC, CPA, LTV and ROAS.


  • Research & Insights
  • Analytics & Data Strategy 
  • Audience segmentation
  • Buyer journey mapping


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