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Orveon is the parent company of three iconic beauty brands: Laura Mercier, bareMinerals, and Buxom. The entity was established in August of 2021, simultaneously with the acquisition of these brands, and we were brought on board to launch them into the social sphere with a “Social Branded House.”


Our beautiful mission

We were charged with building awareness for Orveon as an important new player in the highly competitive beauty space – one with a focus on sustainability and planet-first values – looking to reach and connect with key business and media audiences.

We were not tasked with targeting consumers directly, but with landing on the radar of the financial community as well as potential partners in the beauty ecosystem who could bring innovation and value-added capabilities to Orveon.

Their mission is to “Face Forward Together”, which gave us a target that included all those who could advance Orveon’s commitment, including those innovating in packaging, ingredients, and other dimensions of the beauty ecosystem.

Of course, in today’s interconnected world, transparency-seeking consumers are likely to discover Orveon and want to learn more about it. For that reason, our b2b social launch had to recognize the potential of consumers landing there and speak to all targets at the same time.

Launching Orveon with perfectly-orchestrated social media outreach.

LinkedIn is the de facto platform for launching a parent company like Orveon, which creates opportunities and challenges that are formidable. There is a pitched battle for attention, which requires a high level of attention to strategy, creative, and imagery.

We crafted a high-level strategy to develop and optimize content pillars across all those three buckets, starting by applying our machine-learning-driven approach to the LinkedIn ecosystem to identify key targets and their underlying motivations.

From a strategic perspective, we focused on Orveon’s values, as reflected in their people and their accomplishments. We demonstrated how they are changing beauty for the better. When the brands – Laura Mercier, bareMinerals, and Buxom – take steps to reinforce Orveon’s commitment to ESG, we highlight that, without stepping into the brands’ own messaging.

This required the development and implementation of a very nuanced balance between corporate and the brands themselves, which we successfully and respectfully executed. As part of that, we leveraged key media placements and other key assets in a way that our research indicated was relevant to the LinkedIn audience.
We also created original visual content, including infographics, to bring the storytelling to life; we also repurposed brand content for efficiency and continuity.

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